Watercolor Paintings/iji "Split" Seven Inch Record

Released by Lost Sound Tapes (LST-18)
Watercolor Paintings/iji "Split" Seven Inch Record
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The first vinyl release on Lost Sound Tapes. Released in 2009 for the Watercolor Paintings/iji U.S. tour. 3 songs by iji and 4 songs by Watercolor Paintings.


Hello! After 4 years of existing as a label, this is our very first vinyl release! It is a short EP shared by two different bands (6 min. on each side) on a small, black vinyl disc. Sound is made of waves, these waves are cut into records as grooves. A needle runs in this groove and transfers the vibrations to your stereo amplifier.

3 new songs of indie pop exuberance from iji. 4 new ukulele & harp folk songs in pop format by Watercolor Paintings. This release is meant to commemorate the iji & Watercolor Paintings 2009 summer tour! There's really no reason not to buy it.

First pressing of 300 copies, on black vinyl, with handprinted covers by Rebecca Redman.